A couple of geezerhood ago I instructed a lesson one Sunday on a plonk called Mahanaim. I haven't disregarded the lesson I well-educated. It's a labour-intensive set down in the Bible that's mentioned in Genesis and once again in 2 Samuel 17: 24-29. It's jammy to gait over and done with it and not cognize what a well-situated and meaningful place it is for both believer. We static mission through with it today. Mahanaim is not simply a somatogenetic place, but also a supernatural point. Everyone has been within at a few factor in their lives. But not each one comes out in one 'peace'. Unless you have utter material possession and religious conviction in the Lord you won't cognise how to travel out of it successfuly. But God's Word gives us examples of two men, Jacob and David, who were literally in this location and learned that their destiny were in God's safekeeping if they only studious to belongings in Him for delieverance. This is what God desires us to cognise today in our own in a bad way present time. This lesson nigh specified an striking on me that I was determined to way of walking it out in my own go in decree to be a successful Christian.

As I mentioned in few of my most up-to-date articles, I am self put through with a few thorny rainfall in my existence. But basic cognitive process in the e-mail I tutored on Mahanaim, I see this juncture of proceeding as a juncture of experiment and support. I consider that God is putting me and my better half in this status precisely now in bid to early our put of standing as far as person utilised by God. If I am going to coach His Word, and write these articles I must as well cognise His Word is honest. My life is a breathing testimony to what God has promised as protracted as I do my segment. The beingness of a Christian is not for the woozy of suspicion. That's why we want to sunken-eyed on, bank upon and holding in God at all times, very when it's raining.

The 32nd section of Genesis begins next to Jacob moving from one bad incident into other. He has to obverse Esau, his duplicate who vulnerable to stabbing him should he ever see him over again. Right off the bat Jacob is met by the angels of God. They essential have reminded him of human being in God's will in establish to fire up him. In the 28th chapter verses 11-15, Jacob had a visualization and this is the first case in his life that he realized that God was ubiquitous. God was near him where he went. This is wherever God told him that He would impart him the come to rest on which he stood, not singular to him but his descendents. The angels markedly brought God's guarantee to memory. We shouldn't bury His promises either.

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"Now as Jacob went on his way, the angels of God met him. Jacob said when he saw them, "This is God's campy." So he titled that put down Mahanaim." Genesis 32:1,2

The signature Mahanaim money "double camp". It's a put down of two armies, a situation of God. One of these places was God's and the opposite was his own. In this put we have our part, and God has His segment. More than righteous one a literal camp, it's too a dump of numinous encounters. It's in this put down where on earth we essential revise to trust in God and not believe on the belongings we see in the automatic. In the unconscious is wherever our view will metallic element us wide. Fear and scepticism set in unless we larn how to watch beyond the crude.

"Then Jacob was greatly unnerved and distressed; and he pentamerous the population who were near him, and the flocks and herds and the camels, into two companies; for he said, 'If Esau comes to the one joint venture and attacks it, then the business which is leftmost will exit.' " Genesis 32:7,8

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Jacob who had wanted rapprochement beside Esau was greatly hydrophobic because of the written document he had gotten. His suspicions that his blood brother was stationary going to shoot him moved out him particularly agitated. He took it upon himself to ready for the bad. Don't we do this tremendously one and the same thing today? We countermine all that God has for us by fetching bill reported to our mood. We let our emotions to run distant near us. But afterwards Jacob remembers God and His promises.

"Jacob said, 'O God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac, O LORD, who aforementioned to me, 'Return to your territorial division and to your relatives, and I will expand you.' " Genesis 32:9

Jacob prayed for deliverance. He remembered God's vow and reminded the LORD of it as okay. He acknowleged his own fears and confessed his badness. God requirements us to test His promises and cognise that on our own we can do zip.

"I am unworthy of all the lovingkindness and of all the steadfastness which You have shown to Your servant; for beside my support singular I crosstown this Jordan, and now I have become two companies. Deliver me, I pray, from the foot of my brother, from the foot of Esau for I suspicion him, that he will come through and harangue me and the mothers with the children. For You said, 'I will unquestionably thrive you and produce your biological group as the soil of the sea, which is too excellent to be numbered.' " Genesis 32:10-12

Even but Jacob prayed for delivery from danger, he standing consideration he essential quieten Esau by big him prized animals. He was hoping this would manual labour. He forgot to commune and accept that God could correction his brother's suspicion. Do we put up with on God's promises or is here frozen a part of the pack of us that takes wager on control? God can't labour underneath these provisos of scepticism.

"For he said, 'I will lenify him next to the latter-day that goes since me. Then after I will see his face; maybe he will accept me.' " Genesis 32:20

But Jacob was left unsocial near God (Gen. 32:24-29). It was here that he wrestled near the supernatural being of the LORD. He wouldn't let go until he got his bonus. As protracted as we let outside distractions lug us away, we won't have the opportunity to be unsocial near the LORD. This is Satan's organization. We same Jacob, want to have our own grapple ignitor near God in directive to cognise Him a cut above. Demand your blessings!

"Let me go, for the sunup is fall in.' But he said, 'I will not let you go unless you approve me.' " Genesis 26

Often present time we demand whip this same undertaking and inform God we will not let Him go until He blesses us. Like Jacob it may move out us gimpiness but we will be all that much stronger for it. It was because of his resolution that he got his new cross Israel. Did you know God has calumny for all His children?

"He said, 'Your signature shall no longest be Jacob but Israel; for you have striven next to God and next to men and have prevailed.' " Genesis 32:28

Jacob went from man a swindler to one meaning, "God fighter" or "he struggles next to God". Because he struggled near God and men, he emerged successful. He overcame plentiful struggles that dominated his beingness. Don't we all have akin struggles? Remember, God unsocial can changeover unremorseful black maria. He fought with Esau, with his male parent Isaac, with his father in law Laban, near his wives, Leah and Rachel and eventually next to God at Peniel, intent "face of God". God was no longer far off, it was present that Jacob knew God. Sometimes it takes our struggles with men and God in bidding that we can come together next to Him frontage to external body part. Once Jacob sure that God would bring down him through with in conquest he saw that God had denatured his brother's hunch. Jacob saw God's foot upon Esau when he looked in his obverse. Esau no long had a ill-natured face of meanness but as an alternative one of brotherly worship.

"Jacob said, 'No, please, if now I have saved kindness in your sight, past run my instant from my hand, for I see your facade as one sees the human face of God, and you have prescriptive me favourably.' " Genesis 33:10

This is a worthy instruction for each and all one of us. No thing how bad the state may look, we essential have the supernatural virtue and material possession that God can transport us out of Mahanaim and obverse to face near Him in Peniel. There is cipher God can't do if we fitting slight on Him.

We will experience peace, not panic, when we trust the dominion of God!

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